Social media management

Social Media Management

The importance of social media marketing within the overall marketing services activity of business can no longer be overlooked or underestimated. Jooce Marketing & PR provides a social media management service, encompassing LinkedIn; Facebook and Twitter and ensures that these platforms are exploited to the full for the benefit of its clients’.

In terms of specific activity, this covers:


Jooce Marketing & PR will establish an active LinkedIn Profile for your business and manage the content and its promotion. We position our clients as ‘experts in their fields’ and develop a useful network of contacts through which we can disseminate news and views. We engage with key decision makers in the sectors into which our clients’ operate. Jooce will put in place a regular programme of posts and activity, to ensure the page is fresh and relevant.


Perhaps the most valuable tool available to any business in the Social Media marketing arena is Twitter. It’s timely and able to reach out to so many key stakeholders and audiences make it stand out in potential. Following the right people, groups and opinion formers will often elicit reciprocal arrangements for a database of people who are in tune to the messages of our clients’. The key to the success of Twitter to is to benchmark information against three rules to establish suitability, apart from the obvious of ensuring it is factual and not offensive:

  • Is it news – i.e., will our followers be interested?
  • Is the comment of use – will followers benefit from knowing the information?
  • Would I be interested in this information?
  • To answer yes makes the “tweet” or “retweet” worthy of “tweeting”.
  • Jooce manages client’s Twitter accounts, posting regular tweets and sharing relevant stories.


Facebook has often been considered a tool without an application and in our experience works well for personal use and in the B2C (business to consumer) arena, and for this reason Jooce Marketing & PR would not recommend engaging Facebook beyond establishing a simple profile page and presence (if required). The benefits do not outweigh the time and effort that will be required for the management of a successful Facebook campaign/account.

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