Beginners Guide to LinkedIn

What is LinkedIn?

Well, unless you live in a cave; have zero access to a computer and/or have zero interest in business to business (B2B) networking tools, then you’ll already know what LinkedIn is, but allow me to explain it in a clear and concise way.  LinkedIn is a professional networking site, which is essentially social – hence is classed as a ‘social media’ site. Other social media sites you will be familiar with include – Facebook; Twitter; Instagram and Pinterest. The difference between LinkedIn and other social media sites is that LinkedIn is a business networking site – a rapidly growing professional, online network site.

LinkedIn allows you to create a professional profile of yourself, including your academic and career history through to hobbies and interests.

LinkedIn also allows businesses to create a company pages, the rules of engagement and use are exactly the same as the personal profile pages.

What are the advantages of using LinkedIn?

Contact and important networking within fields of professional work is at the fore of LinkedIn’s advantages. All of which allow you to network with a database of desirable work contacts, just by clicking “connect”. Whether it’s a phone number you need, an e-mail address, picture or to find out what your network of contacts are talking about – LinkedIn is the place to do it.

Many use LinkedIn primarily as a way of finding a new job or career path. However, LinkedIn is much more than a job hunting site. From your profile page you can check out the latest happenings in your sector of work; find out who in your network has changed jobs; discover what your competitors are doing by browsing their company profile page and join in discussions on your field of work.

How to Create a Personal LinkedIn Profile

  1. Enter into your web browser
  2. Click ‘create profile’ and insert all professional and academic qualifications
  3. Upload a recent picture of yourself. Opt for a headshot or a photo of you which encapsulates your personality (but remember it’s a business networking site!)
  4. Include a summary of your professional life
  5. If you wish to look at others profiles, without them knowing it, move profile settings to “anonymous” under privacy controls
  6. Add people by clicking “connect” on their profile
  7. Update your job location and preference under the “jobs” toolbar
  8. Follow desired companies (including the company you work for and its supply chain and partners), track job updates and join networking groups under the “interests” link
  9. Use the status toolbar to update others about your opinions, advice and comments on present issues

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