Don’t put your eggs all in one basket



With so much of the world’s attention focussed on Social Media – it is all too easy to forget that other channels of communication exist, and some of these may actually be more beneficial to your business and its products and services.

So many clients approach Jooce asking how we can help them with their ‘Marketing’ only to reveal they really mean help them with their social media. The thing is, some clients see social media as their only route to marketing. For this they can be forgiven, as social media is a little self-fulfilling in its own hype and like the “” boom of not so many years back, there is something of a bandwagon rolling and the need (without reason) to jump aboard for fear of missing out.

Social media does have its place and can be very successful, but apart from the rare few exceptions, needs the backing or support of the many other media and communications channels. Communications includes events (breakfast meetings; lunch events; client seminars), press releases, adverts, editorials, website (with effective SEO), newsletters and of course social media.

All these elements work together, feeding into and off each other, to not only cover all the bases, but reach all potential customers – no matter how they like to receive their news. There is no one marketing plan to fit all, but it would be a brave company that focusses all its attention on single channel for a single source of exposure.

So the next time you think about marketing – don’t stop at social media – include it as an integral part of your communications channels, but don’t rely on it alone!