Jooce Marketing & PR Sponsors Yorkshire Geotechnical Group’s Event at Sheffield University



Jooce Marketing & PR has proudly announced its sponsorship of the poster and presentation competition at the Yorkshire Geotechnical Group’s upcoming ‘hybrid’ event. This prestigious event, scheduled for March 12, 2024, at Sheffield University, is set to be a landmark occasion, attracting students and professionals from across the ground engineering industry.

The Yorkshire Geotechnical Group, known for fostering innovation and knowledge sharing in the field of geotechnical engineering, is hosting this hybrid event to offer a platform for both in-person and virtual participation. This inclusive format aims to maximise engagement and accessibility for a diverse audience, ranging from enthusiastic students to seasoned professionals.

The highlight of the event, the presentation and poster competition, is expected to draw considerable attention. Jooce Marketing & PR’s sponsorship underscores its commitment to supporting emerging talents and innovative ideas within the geotechnical community. The competition will showcase cutting-edge research, case studies, and technological advancements in ground engineering, providing a unique opportunity for participants to gain visibility and recognition in the industry.

In addition to the competition, the event promises a range of informative sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities. Industry experts will share insights on current trends, challenges, and the future of geotechnical engineering, fostering a rich learning environment for all attendees.

Jooce Marketing & PR’s involvement in this event aligns with its vision of nurturing industry connections and promoting excellence in the field.

Students and professionals are encouraged to participate, share ideas, and expand their professional networks. The event is expected to be a vibrant mix of learning, competition, and social interaction, reflecting the dynamic nature of the geotechnical field.