LinkedIn – Dos and Don’ts



LinkedIn is without question the leading business networking site, used to raise the profile of individuals and companies. The site is purely for business related activities and in no way should be treated like Facebook.

The basic principal is you sign up (or your business creates a page) and request to ‘connect’ to people/businesses and/or follow them. Once ‘accepted’ your posts/online activity will be visible to all contacts who follow you.

Below are the dos and don’ts of LinkedIn, based on good practice and experience:


  • Post regularly – irrespective of this being original content or shared content
  • Use an appropriate image for EVERY post – images attract attention
  • Follow / connect with people in your industry and those from similar industries (including the media)
  • Like and share interesting posts that have been posted by others
  • Comment on posts and name people within them if you want them to see a specific post/story
  • Encourage people to connect with you in marketing communications, e.g.:
  • Email signature (include your LinkedIn username and URL or LinkedIn icon)
  • Business card (include your LinkedIn username on your business card)
  • Post comment on trends and tips that are relevant to your business/audience
  • Keep it real, don’t be afraid to be ‘human’ – people like to interact with ‘people’ rather than ‘brands/companies’
  • Follow relevant journals/magazines/TV programmes/websites, etc, etc.  This will


  • Say anything that you wouldn’t say to someone’s face
  • Get drawn into arguments or negative discussions
  • Say anything contentious that could cause negative PR for you or your business
  • Post photos without approval
  • Say anything negative about competitors or others
  • Sell, sell, sell
  • Use inappropriate language