Post-COVID Marketing

As we emerge slowly from COVID lockdown, many companies are seeing a rebound in sales, and whilst this is great news, we also see some companies cutting back on marketing, perhaps enjoying the increasing revenue, and wondering if there is the need.

Truth is, it is all too easy to forget that success post-COVID is as much a result of pre-COVID marketing as it is about having a great product and service that people want. After the initial ‘rebound’ success, long-term growth however is not guaranteed.

If businesses want sustained growth, they can’t simply look at the ‘now’ figures and assume the good times will continue. Long-term success requires strategy, planning and all the marketing prowess that got them the good sales pre-COVID. Present sales are also just a legacy of pre-COVID activity and consumer confidence, and therefore can just as easily disappear again.

When it comes to marketing businesses must never be complacent. Yes, budgets are tight, and the coffers may well be a bit depleted, but you must balance financial responsibility with the need to keep your customers informed, engaged and above all differentiate your business and offerings from competitors.

Marketing is not a turn-on, turn-off device it is an integral part of your business operations and maybe, post-COVID, marketing will need to be more agile, targeted, even aggressive, but it does need to be there. Give it up, and you could be giving up on your business!