True Perspective in Uncertain Times…

You really must be living in a cave, cut off from all media not to be engaged to some degree in the evolving crisis that is COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and phrases like ‘new normal’ and ‘uncharted territory’ for once actually do have real meaning.

One thing for sure is that we are in uncertain times, with stress points on both work and private fronts, and in all the madness it is all too easy to lose perspective. In fact, I would urge everyone to take a deep breath and take a step back, just for a moment, and think about what you are doing, can be doing, should be doing to make a positive impact on what is a difficult time for everyone.

I have little by way of specific advice, as what you can do will be unique to you and your business, but casting a wider view perhaps a small step would be to support where possible the smaller businesses and suppliers that support you. Your loyalty will be returned many times over I am certain.

Also consider the circumstances of others – some businesses may be short on staff as employees are forced to self-isolate, or put have work aside to look after children barred from school due to closures. Deliveries may be delayed, and deadlines stretched. Financially, some may be struggling with cash flow – you may be struggling with cash flow – but it is still important to pay suppliers on time if possible and provide assistance where you can – others may be worse off than you!

The situation we find ourselves in will be a point on a timeline and if we are to recover at all post virus, then we will need our suppliers, customers and goodwill to bounce back and quickly. Loyalty is often thrown about, but now more than ever it takes on real meaning and businesses that have been supportive, helped others and shown compassion through this crisis will be those that will thrive.

Perhaps we should at these moments think less about commercial competition and more of commercial compassion – the ‘new normal’ will be people will want to work with people and businesses that care, and it will become clear who the good people and businesses are – they will be the successful ones!