Jooce Joins the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup



Jooce Marketing & PR is delighted to be a member of the Ocean Protection Project – Big Blue Ocean Cleanup.

The Big Blue Ocean Cleanup is committed to driving positive change towards clean oceans that support all marine wildlife and sustainable living. Its aim is to stop rubbish from entering the oceans. Big Blue Ocean Cleanup works to prevent and clean ocean pollution and to minimise disturbance from human development and climate change.

Specifically, Jooce is an official member of the ‘Ocean Protection Project’, which is aimed at small to medium-sized businesses that want to make a positive contribution to their local community and help support healthy oceans.

If you’re a small to medium-sized business, why not join the cause? For a small donation of £250, your company will become an official business member of Big Blue Ocean Cleanup, and make a positive change towards clean oceans. You will help the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup keep the oceans clean, protect marine wildlife and support the development of innovative technologies. It also allows the organisation to run free educational workshops and provide resources for schools around the world; inspiring every generation to take action and protect our blue planet.

For more information about the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup, or to join/make a donation, visit –