Jooce Marketing & PR Supporting Britain’s Bees

Cheshire based Jooce Marketing & PR has committed to adopting a honeybee hive as part of its sustainability activity.

Jooce, which specialises in marketing communications and business development in the construction sector, sees corporate social responsibility as an important part of its business ethos and the commitment to adopting a beehive through Bees for Business, is part of Jooce’s CSR policy to support different initiatives, and in this case, to support the environment.

Debbie Darling, Managing Director, Jooce Marketing & PR, explains:

“We are delighted to be involved with the Bees for Business initiative and to be adopting a beehive. As well as giving us the opportunity to help prevent the decline of the native honeybee population in Britain, the scheme ensures that we’ll receive benefits in the form of raw, British honey from our very own hive, which we will be donating to our clients and also to Warrington Foodbank.

“Our beehive is being kept at the Bees for Business apiary in Stamford, Lincolnshire on the grounds of the Burghley House Estate and managed by the artisan beekeepers there, so we can rest assured that our bees are being well looked after. The whole team are really excited about this initiative and we’re looking forward to receiving updates about how our hive is getting on, learning more about bees and the critical role they play to our environment.

‘We hope that other companies will join in with this wonderful initiative to ensure that the honeybee population is protected and supported for years to come.”