PR starts at home!

Have you ever taken a long, hard look at your business – and I don’t mean examine it from a “business” or “financial” perspective, but actually look at your business as your customers see it?

Do your customers struggle to park, is reception – if you have one – easy to navigate, do you greet all potential and existing customer with a smile, is your telephone ‘on-hold’ music actually worth listening too and have you considered an on-hold promotional message instead?

These points might seem trivial, especially if you have customers beating down the door to give you their money, but even the best run business can always do more to make a customer feel welcome and valued.

We visit all types of companies, spanning all sectors and we’re always pleased to just how many do get these things right, but it is also surprising how many get things wrong and whilst we are visiting more often in a supplier capacity, we could just as easily be an existing or potential customer – we don’t judge, but many visitors do…

Public Relations is more than just sending out press releases, it is how your customer see you and all aspects of your business. From the signage on the building, to the tidiness of the office and visible use of your branding, to the refreshments you offer guests – it all can make a positive impact on your business and impact on how your customers feel about giving you their money.

So, take a few moments, step back and visit your own company as others do and ask the question = would you do business with you?