Can you monetise PR?

“Making Money” – why do we view the phrase as a bit dirty? Maybe it’s down to historic social etiquette, which makes us reluctant to discuss it and to monetise anything we do, positioning cash made as more accident than by design.

Public Relations often gets a bad press and for much the same reason; we know it is all around us influencing our decisions, persuading us in a subtle way of a product’s or service’s benefit, yet whilst we know it exists we pretend any resultant success is due to something else.

To combine the two concepts and propose to make money from PR and perhaps you are on extremely fragile ground, yet it is possible and easier than you think!

There are basically two ways to make money from PR:

The first is to get your product or service featured in the appropriate online media, with a link that directs readers to click-through to your website to purchase your product or service.

The second method is to get your product or services featured in the appropriate media (print and online) to encourage people to ‘engage’ with your business, products and services – which may be as simple as them signing up to your email distribution list, or following you on your social media platforms.

Data is a valuable asset and as long as you abide by GDPR rules, control how often you contact your database and ensure what you do communicate is of quality and worth reading, then you can build a loyal client base that delivers you repeat business.

Yes, it really IS that simple and is proven to work!