Women Supporting Women: Why it’s Essential

Despite the progress in equality that has been made in recent years, women often face unique barriers to being taken seriously in the business world and getting their rightful recognition, with only 29% of senior management roles being held by women globally.

That’s why it is crucial for women to support each other!

We owe it to ourselves and each other to show unwavering support, recognising that we’re all on the same side, striving towards common goals of success, fulfilment, and justness.

Rivalry and jealousy among women in business is an unfortunate reality that many women have had to endure throughout their experiences in business. This is an issue that we can, and should, actively work to overcome. Healthy competition is beneficial, as it drives innovation and excellence, but it should never come at the cost of kindness and mutual respect.

When we view each other as allies rather than oppositions, we create a more inclusive and supportive environment that relieves the extra stress and allows everyone to thrive.

By surrounding ourselves with positive women who are committed to lifting others up, we can create a robust support system that enhances our professional and personal lives.

These are the women who celebrate our successes, offer a shoulder to lean on during tough times, and provide constructive feedback that helps us grow.

An essential part of supporting each other is sharing and celebrating the successes of our female friends and colleagues. Whether it’s a promotion, a successful project, or a personal milestone, taking the time to acknowledge and applaud each other’s achievements fosters a sense of community and encouragement.

This positive reinforcement not only boosts morale but also reinforces the notion that there is room for everyone’s success.

In my own journey within the business world, I have been fortunate to make some incredible female (and male) friends who have become pillars of support. These relationships have been instrumental in my growth and success. I know I can rely on them for honest advice, encouragement during challenging times, and to celebrate my wins, just as I do for them. This support is not just beneficial to working and personal life; it is essential for our collective progress and well-being.

Women in business must continue to support and champion each other.

By fostering an environment of mutual support, eliminating jealousy and rivalry, and celebrating each other’s achievements, we can create a powerful network that drives us all forward. It’s not about competition; it’s about collaboration and lifting each other up.