Your Face or Mine?

In today’s socially obsessed media-oriented world within which we do business, never has it been so important to give your business a face. The reason is simple, people relate to people, not companies and by putting a face to your organisation is a great means of personalising your business and saying there is someone there who not only cares and values your business, but is invested in delivering the very best of service. Personalising your business offering also builds empathy and trust, with clients existing and prospective, valuing what you say in preference to impersonal companies.

Large or small, the face of your company should be the person who has the most to offer in terms of knowledge, skill and service, but more they should be the person that deals day-top-day with clients having experience of the real-world demands and peculiarities of your business sector – it is the ONLY way they will be able to fully relate and therefore understand the customer.

With this in mind, avoid using the MD / CEO unless she / he is truly the only person who fulfils the requirements discussed. They may be the head of the company or the founder, but unless they deal daily with customers and understand how the business works at this interface then choose someone else.

My own advice would be to choose the person who deals daily with the customer, meets with them and has the often-difficult task of sorting out problems should they ever go wrong. Typically, the person will also be passionate about the company and its products and services and be able to communicate this in a positive manner, as well as being always keen to ‘gets things done’. You’d be surprised how often I hear ‘I’ll only attend that event if XX is attending’ or ‘we’ll only work with you again if we get XX to manage the project’ – the personal touch works and wins business.

So, if you don’t have one already maybe now is the time to give your business a face and see just what a great impact it can have!