On the Case

It surprises me how few companies use case studies effectively. Case studies should be one of the most important tools in your marketing kit, primarily because they help make a product or service more realistic, whilst also presenting them in the context of a real-world environment.

They are also that all important third-party endorsement, which goes beyond you simply telling people how good you or your products are and therefore are far more believable and valuable. In their simplest form they may showcase how your customer has benefited from your product and service, or they may be more technical, detailing how a problem was solved using your company’s skills. In fact, the problem – solution approach helps put the reader in the same empathetic position and initiates the dialogue as to how your product or service can help.

Case studies are also a great tool for the sales process, as well as being a great leave-behind or downloadable that you can direct electronic footfall to. You can also use them as a part of your social media strategy – highlighting them, linking to them on your website, or to start  conversation about your products and services. In fact, it is always good to have a dedicated section on your website exclusive for cases studies – often they are the most visited part of a website, which is testimony to their importance.

Of course, there is a skill to writing case studies. Nobody wants to read how wonderful you are or how brilliant your product is – written properly, the case study will do that all by itself simply by the solution it provides.

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