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  • Beware of Social Media Overload

    Beware of Social Media Overload

    More is better right? So when it comes to social media the need to post something often and regularly is good for the algorithms and good for business, but is this true?

  • Maximise your Investment in Social Media…

    Maximise your Investment in Social Media…



    In response to increasing demand, Jooce has launched a programme of Social Media Masterclasses – specifically covering LinkedIn; Twitter; Instagram and Facebook (business to business / business to consumer). Delivered by experts in the management and use of social media platforms, the Masterclasses are aimed at beginners to the world of social media.

  • LinkedIn – Dos and Don’ts



    LinkedIn is without question the leading business networking site, used to raise the profile of individuals and companies. The site is purely for business related activities and in no way should be treated like Facebook. The basic principal is you sign up (or your business creates a page) and request to ‘connect’ to people/businesses and/or…

  • Beginners Guide to LinkedIn

    What is LinkedIn? Well, unless you live in a cave; have zero access to a computer and/or have zero interest in business to business (B2B) networking tools, then you’ll already know what LinkedIn is, but allow me to explain it in a clear and concise way.