The Value of a Newsletter



In today’s fast-paced social media world, with pretty much everything at your fingertips online you could be forgiven for thinking the newsletter is dead, but you couldn’t be more wrong!

Newsletters are still an extremely valuable marketing tool, as they provide that less than scatter-gun approach that helps businesses to maintain contact with its customers and prospects.

The reason most newsletters fail is because companies commit to more than they can create content for. “Let’s do it weekly, once a month” when realistically once a quarter might be enough. So, start with enough content to fill it regularly and you are half way there.

Next, think about what your readers want to know and what you want to tell them. Think about how the content will engage with recipients, create interest and even a dialogue. Build in opportunities for customers to contribute (if appropriate) – we all like to see our name and picture in print and it is also that third-party endorsement that helps enormously.

Your newsletter should be written such that it reflects your brand too; so, don’t skimp on its design or creation. Customers will view your marketing and communication tools as an extension of your company, so make its design count.

Content should be genuinely interesting, but don’t be afraid to let readers know more about your services and show them how they can benefit from those services but avoid the hard sell – remember it should be an interesting read! Use it also as an opportunity to educate and steer the thinking of your customers (new and potential) and this will soft-sell your products and services.

Of course, no newsletter is worth anything without a good contact list. Offer visitors to your web site the option of signing up to receive your newsletter, in return for their email address, and obviously respect and adhere to all the recent GDPR rules.

And finally – if someone asks to be removed from your newsletter – do it, do it now and make sure you do – email them confirmation as a check for both you and them.