LinkedIn – Dos and Don’ts

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LinkedIn is without question the leading business networking site, used to raise the profile of individuals and companies. The site is purely for business related activities and in no way should be treated like Facebook. The basic principal is you sign up (or your business creates a page) and request to ‘connect’ to people/businesses and/or follow them. Once...

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Women in Construction – A Fashion Statement!

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Getting more women into construction isn’t easy; the job has a very male profile, has lingering perceptions of being a bit sexist and let’s face it, isn’t seen as the most glamorous of careers when stacked against the many other options out there. The ‘look’ isn’t up to much either, with most Personal Protective (PPE) clothing for women all seemingly cut to a man’s...

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Twitter – Do’s and Don’ts

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For those who aren’t sure exactly what it is, Twitter is a social media site/tool which is used to raise the profile of your business/brand and engage with the industry; clients; followers; prospects. It’s an online world of networking/connectivity where you find out what’s going on in ‘real time’ – you can speak with people who follow you in ‘real time’. ...

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Beginners Guide to LinkedIn

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What is LinkedIn? Well, unless you live in a cave; have zero access to a computer and/or have zero interest in business to business (B2B) networking tools, then you’ll already know what LinkedIn is, but allow me to explain it in a clear and concise way.  LinkedIn is a professional networking site, which is essentially social – hence is classed as a...

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Top 5 Reasons to Write a Press Release

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I’m often asked by clients and prospective clients “why should we issue press releases”?  If I had a pound for every response, I’d be lying on a beach somewhere hot right now, but alas no, instead I’m writing a quick blog ‘Top 5 Reasons to Write a Press Release’ – and not just write it, issue it to the media and...

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